Mina and I drove down to Woodbridge this morning and acquired this week’s chemo drug, chlorambucil. I gave her all 15 tiny pills in two spoons full of almond butter. Side effects on the drug information sheet are the usual – vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. I’ll need to call that pharmacy a couple of days before she’s due for another dose so they can keep it in stock.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. It was hot and divinely humid as I drove to pick up my niece, then we drove into the thunder-and-hail-storm from hell, then we saw a great concert. During the show I got text updates from Aunties Sherrie and Sue, and heard from “the boys” as I was driving my niece home after the show. I feel better today.

Everyone reported that Mina was perky and seemed happy to have company. She ate both her regular meals and a jar of Earth’s Best organic baby food as a snack. I’m glad Auntie Sue was with her for the thunderstorm because Mina gets nervous with a lot of thunder. They had to wait out the rain before Mina would venture down the stairs for a potty break. She’s pretty savvy about the weather.

Today we’re working and hanging out – lots of kisses and belly rubs.



Today and tomorrow are the peak concentration days for the Cytoxan that Mina took on Tuesday and Wednesday. Side effects include the usual vomiting, diarrhea, inappetance, etc., as well as “Cytoxan cystitis,” which is very serious and leads to bleeding. That’s why it’s critical that she drinks lots of water or low-sodium, organic chicken broth, and gets outside to pee frequently.


She didn’t eat much this morning just some vanilla yogurt, a little chicken, and she ignored her Chow Now and sweet potatoes. Auntie Sue suggested making her some hash browns and I make good hash browns so that’s the next plan to entice Mina to eat more.

This morning her Auntie LoLo visited around 8 a.m. and reported that Mina seemed in good spirits but didn’t drink very much and peed but not the usual river. Mina has always self-regulated her water supply during the day so she wouldn’t feel pressed to go outside. My friends and Auntie Sherrie are visiting her every two hours today to make sure she can get out enough, but I’m concerned that she’s not drinking enough.

I’m also worried about her insanely high white cell count and hoping the antibiotics she’s taking will manage whatever’s causing the spike. Overall, she seems tired but in good spirits and we took two walks to the leasing office and back yesterday.

In other news …

Mina’s cousins, Amber and Pearl (who are felines), sent a get-well card today that included their saved-up allowance to be used for Mina’s food supply! They have pretty good handwriting, y’know, for cats.

Auntie Leanne suffered a terrible loss this week. Her cat, Smokey, took off a few mornings ago in search of a fight and yesterday they found his body. It appears he met his end in the mouth of a coyote. Leanne and Dave and Soul Sister and Burton Leopold Blackbottom and Cassidy (Smokey’s feline friend) conducted a ceremony and laid him to rest near an apple tree in their new orchard. Leanne will plant his favorite herb, catmint, nearby.



Rest in Peace, Smokey.


In no particular order …

Big thanks to Robb for buying and boiling and shredding some dead chicken carcass yesterday for Mina. It proves to be the one thing she consistently loves to eat.

Thanks to Auntie LoLo for checking in on Mina when I’m at work and for the wine and for always being cheerful around my girl.

Thanks to Carole at Chow Now for keeping in touch while out of town and giving me good advice and treat recipes for Mina.

Thanks to Liza for running down the hall yesterday to comfort me.

Thanks to Auntie Sue and Uncle Robin for incredible steadfast support.

Thanks to Auntie Sherrie for her concern and care and treats.

Thanks to Auntie Leanne for thinking of us and supporting us even when she’s feeling sad.

Thanks to all of you who read Mina’s blog every day. I know you’re there even if you don’t comment and it means a lot to us.

Thanks to everyone who’s been here and knows how I feel and offers advice and comfort.

We love you.


Mina and I are grateful for your help and can’t thank you enough!