I don’t often remember my dreams exactly, mostly impressions or feelings, so it’s a rare treat to wake up remembering one that featured my Mina Bean.

It was so ordinary, just an evening (or a day, I couldn’t tell) at home with Mina napping in front of the living room window, and me sitting on the couch watching an old movie. We did that a lot on Sundays and on many days in her end stage illness. It seemed so normal, felt so comfortable that I wasn’t so disappointed when it was over, a little wistful, but happy that Mina showed up in her usual place. That dream is the best thing that’s happened to me in days.



Mina has made appearances in my dreams lately. More like brief cameos, really. The other night I dreamed we were home in Florida, and I was reaching under a couch to get some toy that Mina had rolled under there. She was impatient and was on the floor beside me pawing at the floor in a canine imitation of my attempts to retrieve her toy.

This morning I dreamed that I was coming home from work and I looked up at the window, as I still do, and there she was! I watched her watching me until she turned away to wait for me by the door.

These dreams make me smile and they also wake me up. But I find that I’m not sad sitting there alone in the dark, but feel glad to have seen Mina so happy and healthy. There’s a song in the Disney version of Cinderella (really, I did grow up in Florida now) that says, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” My heart makes wishes while I sleep apparently, and Mina has been there to fulfill them.