Mina is perky and lively today according to Auntie Sherrie and Auntie Lolo and myself. I did, however, find new puke on the carpet behind the TV stand but it wasn’t much and it looked like rice and possibly liver treats. Not sure why that happened this long after the doxorubicin; could be the liver treats, could be that I left this morning, could be something else she ate, could be the cancer.

Here’s a short, shitty cell phone cam vid of Mina and her Auntie Lolo in the leasing office. Auntie Lolo comes every day but Tuesday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to walk Mina and give her treats. (Auntie Sherrie comes every day but Tuesday at noon for walks, water, meds, and treats.) Mina LOVES Auntie Lolo’s butt rubs – it’s the main reason she visits the leasing office whenever we’re out walking.



Honestly, the way she sometimes plows through her food you’d think Mina wasn’t used to regular meals. Yesterday afternoon she ate so fast that she burped up some of her dinner, then politely ate it off the carpet. You have to admire non-human animals for their logical efficiency.

She ate more bison bites, some plain organic yogurt, and more than a carton of the lamb Chow Now yesterday. I did make the tofu cream cheese and she likes it! I dunno for how long she’ll like it but for now it’s good pilling food.

This morning, though, she’s more interested in sleeping than eating. I suppose she’ll eat at some point, maybe while I’m gone for a few hours to see my chiropractor. She did eat a little yogurt before she took her giant Keflex capsule.

So, we wait to see how the Vincristine affects her this time. It’s the second quarter of the protocol and the first time she’s had Vincristine twice. She usually pukes around the fourth day after the IV, so that’s the day she’ll be staying with Auntie Sue and Uncle Robin while I attend a wedding. But then, she might not puke. It’s hard to say.

We’ll be adding another supplement in a few days since she’s handled the milkthistle pretty well. This one is insanely expensive so I’m still looking for the least spendy option. It’s call ImmPower-AHCC and it’s a hybridized mushroom supplement that’s huge in Japan. Some of it’s benefits include “Maintaining peak Natural Killer cell function, Supporting enhanced cytokine production, Promoting optimal T-cell and macrophage activity.” In other words, it’s a natural cancer treatment and immune system booster. If I can swing it I might buy enough for both of us!