Mina is a 13-year-old Wheatable who lived in Manassas, Virginia with an anxious, AR activist-vegan-wildlife conservationist who took her for walks, fed her chicken and cow corpses, and loves her more than anything on the entire planet. Mina died in the early hours of Monday, November 9, 2009 from canine lymphoma. She fought a very brave battle against her disease, and I miss her more than I can ever express.

Mina, about 3 months old

Mina, about 2 months old

Mina was adopted in January 1997 and has lived with her human since then. Mina likes to travel and has moved with her human from Waldorf, Maryland to Denver, Colorado; back to Waldorf and then to Upper Marlboro, Maryland and Crofton, Maryland; across the Potomac to Herndon, Virginia and then Manassas. She has spent a weekend at the beach in West Haven, Connecticut; visited Dolly in Jerja; spent overnights with her cousins, Amber and Pearl, in Delaplane; and made several trips to her human’s hometown in New Port Richey, Florida where she likes to hang out with Grandpa because he takes a lot of naps, too.

In the car, looking over my shoulder, 2006

She enjoys outings to canine-friendly wineries, long walks around the neighborhood and seeing her human and non-human friends, and especially loves to have Lori scratch her butt. Belly rubs are high on the list, too.

Mina has canine lymphoma and this blog serves to keep her friends and family updated on her progress. Comments are moderated and you can write to Mina at missminabean at gmail.com.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. msorganiclady Says:

    These photos are perfect and really express Mina’s personality. I love the blog, terrific idea.

  2. Auntie Sue Says:

    A&P will be thrilled that they are on Cousin Mina’s blog. They LOVE her!

  3. Kestrel Says:

    what a cutie pie!!

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