It’s turning cold here, Mina Bean, just the way you like it. When I got into bed last night I remembered how you used to put your head on the spare pillow and press your back against mine. I wonder if you have any idea how much that comforted me? Sometimes, you’d move to the end of the bed before I fell asleep and sometimes I’d wake up to find you snoozing away near my feet.

This time of year is always sad for me with the trees losing their beautiful green and the weather turning mean. You never saw it that way, though. I think for you the fall was the best time of year! You could trot around outside without feeling hot and visit your human and canine friends for longer periods. Tell the truth I always loved how you looked more in the fall because you got all fuzzy!

Mina in Denver, 2000

So, I’m thinking about you all the time these fall days. Remembering this week last year when I was desperate to get out of a four-day seminar because you were in bad shape and needed me at home. It worked out for us but the anxiety leading up to the solution nearly killed me – and probably made you worry more than you needed.

Sometimes now when I think of you I see you running, always running. You loved to run flat out whenever you could and I loved the pure joy on your face and in your movements. Everything around you is green and natural, no pavement or roads with cars to worry about.

Run, baby girl, run!


It’s your birthday! You were born 14 years ago today and I met you 10 weeks later when you were a tiny ball of hair with a nose and a tail. You bounced instead of walking, a habit you kept all your life. The bouncy walk made your butt swing back and forth and you looked like you were sort of prancing.

1996, Mina about 5 weeks old, held by Gina

Our relationship wasn’t the best, at first. I was sad after losing Wolfie but that didn’t stop you from being a happy, bouncing puppy. When you came to live with me a month after we’d met I was overwhelmed by your energy, and you were delighted to have a canine playmate!

1997, Mina and Goldie

I love remembering your puppy days and how we grew closer over the years. When I think of you now it’s as a young girl, running in fields with your doggie friends, chasing and playing and smiling your big Mina smile.

You made me smile every single day we spent together. We laughed together, sometimes we danced together, and took a lot of walks together. I miss walking with you so much.

You’re having a wonderful birthday, my sweetie girl, and I’ll be thinking of you all day and remembering all the great times we had together! You’re always in my thoughts, and you live in my heart. Forever.

All my love …

When you watch the video linked below then you’ll understand why I ripped off the title of an old Boston song for this post. Trust!

My friend Colleen posted this video to her Facebook page and I watched it this morning. I had tears welling in my eyes and I cheered at the amazing canines featured in the vid. I love canines. I love them more than human animals and, if you’re a dog lover, you understand why.

I dearly wish I’d been able to afford video equipment when Mina was young and spry. That was back in the late 1990s and if you remember what a video camera looked like then, and what it cost, then you’ll understand why there are so few home movies of that era. The things were huge and the quality was pretty much crap.

mina running in water

Mina running in the water at a Denver dog park, 1999

Mina would’ve been a star in her own video production, that’s for sure! She could run like a gazelle and turn corners on two legs, I swear. She wasn’t much for playing “fetch,” though, unless you played her version which was throwing the ball far so she could chase it down, then running to her to so she could drop it in your hand and throw it again. Really, when I look back on those early morning ball sessions on empty golf courses and yards, it was Mina’s way of getting me to move my butt. Clever, so very clever, my little girl …

Watch the video, it’ll make you smile, and pay attention to the message at the end. There’s simply no excuse to buy a dog from a breeder when shelters are overflowing with wonderful canine friends. Video: More Than a Feeling