Coming home a couple of days ago I found an envelope in my mailbox from Mina’s regular vets. My first thought, considering the week-in-hell I’m having, was: “Shit, did I forget to pay a bill or something?” I was wrong, of course, because inside was a nice note from Dr. Nolan and a flier for a cause very near to my heart. As I read the flier I told Mina about it and, of course, I cried.

Luke Robinson lost his beloved canine Malcolm to osteosarcoma in 2006. Since then Luke is on a mission to raise awareness about canine cancer and its similarities with human cancer. His mode of communication is to walk with his two dogs, Hudson and Murphy, from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts.

“On June 19, join Luke, Hudson and Murphy as they walk the final mile into Boston. This will be a day of celebration, remembrance, thanksgiving, and reflection as they commemorate the remarkable, historic journey of 2 Dogs 2000 Miles and inaugurate our new vision, 2 Million Dogs – Partners for a New Hope in Cancer Research. To learn more about this historic journey, to donate or to find out more about the events planned for Boston, please visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.”

Luke and the boys have a blog where you can follow along on their journey. The started from Austin in March 2008 and will finish in Boston on June 18, 2010. The next phase of the project is 2 Million Dogs, “a 501 C (3) organization who relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations to help us in our mission to eradicate cancer through investing in comparative oncology studies.’

2 Million Dogs has donated funds to support the following institutions and organizations; Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center, Texas A&M Imaging and Cancer Center, and Tufts University Harrington Oncology Program and Morris Animal Foundation.” There’s a widget on the site where you can pledge to be part of 2 Million Dogs walking for cancer, details will be available as the site grows.

I salute Luke’s efforts to raise awareness about canine cancer and to raise funds for better treatment research. Please donate if you can. There’s also some really cute “Puppy Up!” gear to be had, too.



Mina’s interest in the baby food and yogurt lasted about a day, as I predicted. When Sammie and Wolfie were dying (at different times) of deadly cancers they went through the same experience. They’d eat a little each day, but it had to be novel each day. Mina’s doing the same thing. She’s so thin. If you haven’t seen her in a while you’ll be shocked if you ever do see her again.

She’s also pissed off at me for chasing her around the apartment with jars of baby food and yogurt and Pedialyte in a syringe. I’m not sure how the Remeron affected her last night, but she fell asleep next to my bed and moved away at some point. I didn’t wake up. I sleep for about five hours, woke up with the same headache I’ve had for more than a week now, and the same painful muscle pull or pinched nerve pain in my gluteous medius.

I’m so angry at every fucking thing because Mina isn’t getting better. I’ve read that 85 percent of dogs with lymphosarcoma achieve a remission lasting several months or longer, but it doesn’t seem to be true for Mina. So, I’m going to sit here in my office with my door closed and work and burn.