Mina and I drove down to Woodbridge this morning and acquired this week’s chemo drug, chlorambucil. I gave her all 15 tiny pills in two spoons full of almond butter. Side effects on the drug information sheet are the usual – vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. I’ll need to call that pharmacy a couple of days before she’s due for another dose so they can keep it in stock.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. It was hot and divinely humid as I drove to pick up my niece, then we drove into the thunder-and-hail-storm from hell, then we saw a great concert. During the show I got text updates from Aunties Sherrie and Sue, and heard from “the boys” as I was driving my niece home after the show. I feel better today.

Everyone reported that Mina was perky and seemed happy to have company. She ate both her regular meals and a jar of Earth’s Best organic baby food as a snack. I’m glad Auntie Sue was with her for the thunderstorm because Mina gets nervous with a lot of thunder. They had to wait out the rain before Mina would venture down the stairs for a potty break. She’s pretty savvy about the weather.

Today we’re working and hanging out – lots of kisses and belly rubs.