In no particular order …

Big thanks to Robb for buying and boiling and shredding some dead chicken carcass yesterday for Mina. It proves to be the one thing she consistently loves to eat.

Thanks to Auntie LoLo for checking in on Mina when I’m at work and for the wine and for always being cheerful around my girl.

Thanks to Carole at Chow Now for keeping in touch while out of town and giving me good advice and treat recipes for Mina.

Thanks to Liza for running down the hall yesterday to comfort me.

Thanks to Auntie Sue and Uncle Robin for incredible steadfast support.

Thanks to Auntie Sherrie for her concern and care and treats.

Thanks to Auntie Leanne for thinking of us and supporting us even when she’s feeling sad.

Thanks to all of you who read Mina’s blog every day. I know you’re there even if you don’t comment and it means a lot to us.

Thanks to everyone who’s been here and knows how I feel and offers advice and comfort.

We love you.