It’s your birthday! You were born 14 years ago today and I met you 10 weeks later when you were a tiny ball of hair with a nose and a tail. You bounced instead of walking, a habit you kept all your life. The bouncy walk made your butt swing back and forth and you looked like you were sort of prancing.

1996, Mina about 5 weeks old, held by Gina

Our relationship wasn’t the best, at first. I was sad after losing Wolfie but that didn’t stop you from being a happy, bouncing puppy. When you came to live with me a month after we’d met I was overwhelmed by your energy, and you were delighted to have a canine playmate!

1997, Mina and Goldie

I love remembering your puppy days and how we grew closer over the years. When I think of you now it’s as a young girl, running in fields with your doggie friends, chasing and playing and smiling your big Mina smile.

You made me smile every single day we spent together. We laughed together, sometimes we danced together, and took a lot of walks together. I miss walking with you so much.

You’re having a wonderful birthday, my sweetie girl, and I’ll be thinking of you all day and remembering all the great times we had together! You’re always in my thoughts, and you live in my heart. Forever.

All my love …