Mina is perky and lively today according to Auntie Sherrie and Auntie Lolo and myself. I did, however, find new puke on the carpet behind the TV stand but it wasn’t much and it looked like rice and possibly liver treats. Not sure why that happened this long after the doxorubicin; could be the liver treats, could be that I left this morning, could be something else she ate, could be the cancer.

Here’s a short, shitty cell phone cam vid of Mina and her Auntie Lolo in the leasing office. Auntie Lolo comes every day but Tuesday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to walk Mina and give her treats. (Auntie Sherrie comes every day but Tuesday at noon for walks, water, meds, and treats.) Mina LOVES Auntie Lolo’s butt rubs – it’s the main reason she visits the leasing office whenever we’re out walking.