Mina has made appearances in my dreams lately. More like brief cameos, really. The other night I dreamed we were home in Florida, and I was reaching under a couch to get some toy that Mina had rolled under there. She was impatient and was on the floor beside me pawing at the floor in a canine imitation of my attempts to retrieve her toy.

This morning I dreamed that I was coming home from work and I looked up at the window, as I still do, and there she was! I watched her watching me until she turned away to wait for me by the door.

These dreams make me smile and they also wake me up. But I find that I’m not sad sitting there alone in the dark, but feel glad to have seen Mina so happy and healthy. There’s a song in the Disney version of Cinderella (really, I did grow up in Florida now) that says, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” My heart makes wishes while I sleep apparently, and Mina has been there to fulfill them.