Mina’s interest in the baby food and yogurt lasted about a day, as I predicted. When Sammie and Wolfie were dying (at different times) of deadly cancers they went through the same experience. They’d eat a little each day, but it had to be novel each day. Mina’s doing the same thing. She’s so thin. If you haven’t seen her in a while you’ll be shocked if you ever do see her again.

She’s also pissed off at me for chasing her around the apartment with jars of baby food and yogurt and Pedialyte in a syringe. I’m not sure how the Remeron affected her last night, but she fell asleep next to my bed and moved away at some point. I didn’t wake up. I sleep for about five hours, woke up with the same headache I’ve had for more than a week now, and the same painful muscle pull or pinched nerve pain in my gluteous medius.

I’m so angry at every fucking thing because Mina isn’t getting better. I’ve read that 85 percent of dogs with lymphosarcoma achieve a remission lasting several months or longer, but it doesn’t seem to be true for Mina. So, I’m going to sit here in my office with my door closed and work and burn.