Yesterday was certainly a good day here in the cancer ward. Sherrie reported that Mina was bright and perky and trotted some on their walk and hoovered up her food in seconds. Lori reported that Mina was napping when she arrived and stretched at the door for a bit. She also told me that when she opened the fridge to give Mina some boiled chicken for a snack, that Mina immediately stood at her bowls.

Asia said that when she opened the door to our apartment, Mina stuck her nose out and Asia then gently pushed her back inside. She turned to get Mina’s carpal brace and found that Mina had sat down with her leg outstretched, ready to get outside and pee!

When I got home she was bouncy and we took a nice walk to the leasing office, where she got more attention from Lori, and walked there again later in the evening. She ate like a horse. I fed her three times after I got home! Cooked two cartons of Chow Now and I’ll need to cook two more tonight. Where can I get organic, instant potatoes?

Oh! I have to say a big THANK YOU to Sherrie who’s going to make some homemade biscuits for Miss Mina Bean. She texted me some of the recipes last night and I told her the fattier, the better. I hadn’t considered making my own Mina treats but I’ll look for some recipes later on.

Mina is up to the full dose of Udo’s 3,6,9 oil and two teaspoons of Udo’s Pet Essentials supplement. She doesn’t seem to mind it on her food at all. I just wish she would gain some weight. She doesn’t appear to be losing any, at least not to my eyes, but I’m not seeing a gain, either.

Only two days to chemo …