OK, so the title of this post is somewhat misleading as Mina and I never worked out together. Well, not unless you count her several daily walks around whatever neighborhood we lived in, which were more like sniffing expeditions and social outings than workouts.

I’m talking about my many years of chasing fitness through home workouts and, for a brief time before injury sidelined me, running. Even now, when I’m doing something in the P90X catalog that requires me to be on the floor for a bit, I remember when Mina was younger and how she used those parts of the workout to try and get my attention.

My workouts were done after I got home from work and had taken Mina for her first evening walk and given her dinner. Then she’d sit nearby, but out of the way, and sort of watch my crazy routines. Mina would wander over and sit as close to me as she could manage as soon as it was time for ab work or stretching. I recall many times when she’d position herself so that I could pet her on my way down from a sitting crunch, or something. It makes me smile now but at the time I wasn’t as charmed.

Mina wasted no time once the final stretching routine was complete to find the sweatiest place on my body, usually my neck and hairline, and attempt to clean the salty sweat off me. I always appreciated her attentiveness to my hygiene; Mina was keenly interested in me when I smelled bad.

I treasure these memories when they pop into my head and that’s where these blog posts come from, really. I’m keeping them where I can read them and remember them always. I miss my girl. I miss her every single day. We still talk, or more truthfully, I still talk to her and I imagine Mina in her heaven listening to me with that wise look in her eyes, or even giving me the side-eye when she thought I was off my rocker.

Love you love you love you, sweetie girl