I cannot think of what to call this post and I’m not gonna fret over it.

Carole from Chow Now Petfood and I still correspond from time to time. She and her husband, Norm, met Mina last May and were instantly smitten. They attended Mina’s fund raiser for the sanctuary last December, too.

In a recent e-mail exchange with Carole I mentioned my upcoming vacation to New Orleans. Mina and I never went there together, but I often gave light consideration to moving there. I still do. Anyway, Carole’s response made me smile: “Miss Mina’s smiling right now. Ready for another road trip. Did I tell you about the friend who moved from her long time abode where her dear old dog had passed? She took one last look, opened the car door, and told him to come on and jump in. Don’t forget to invite Mina Bean!”

I love that! I invite Mina to go places with me but usually just to places we’d been together. Now I’m going to start inviting her to get in the car whenever I leave. I keep the backseat covered in her somewhat-tattered cover (no holes or anything but the plastic that keeps it in place is pretty much gone) just in case she feels like riding along. There’s still a lot of Mina’s hair covering the back seat and floor and, someday, I may get in there and clean it up but for now it still feels right to have these physical reminders of all our trips together.

There was another little moment today that made me smile while my eyes got a little teary. I was telling a friend that I’ve re-instated my telecommute day. I gave it up after Mina died because “I couldn’t bear to be alone in the place where she wasn’t, but now it’s the place where she’s nearest.” My friend said that was a really good realization and I agree.

One of these days, and I can’t look that far ahead to know when, I’ll move from where Mina and I spent our last three years and seven months together. When I do go, I’ll be sure to open the door and push the passenger seat forward and say, “C’mon Mina! Get in the car, it’s time to go!”