This weekend my college roommate, CW, came for a visit. She was in town for a conference and stayed over to hang out with me. Many times during her visit I found myself wondering if Mina would’ve remembered CW from the 18 months we lived in Denver and hung out with CW and her family. When I had to go out of town for business or to a family event, Mina usually stayed with CW and her family. I babysat the kids on a few evenings and Mina and I always had a really good time with them.

I talked about Mina a lot this weekend. I miss her every day but seemed to miss her more when our friend from our time in Denver was here. It felt wrong that Mina wasn’t here to enjoy CW’s company, too. I’m sure Mina would’ve slept out in the living room with her, and pushed the limit on her begging-for-food techniques and had a blast with us at the winery yesterday.

When we lived in Denver, CW and her family had an elderly, arthritic puppy named Spud. Mina was always curious about Spud, but Spud wanted nothing to do with a 2-year-old and her crazy energy. So Mina contented herself with getting on the furniture (forbidden!) and coercing treats from the kids. I know she enjoyed walking in their beautiful, leafy, older neighborhood and hanging out in the park.

Hanging out with my old friend brought back a lot of memories of our time in Denver, mostly remembering how young Mina was when we lived there. She turned three a few months after we moved and had her fourth birthday a few months before moved back. You can see pictures of our Denver days here and here.

There's my happy girl as we arrive in Denver, August 1999

We had a good time, we remembered a lot of silly stuff, we caught up on the news … I think Mina hung out with us at the winery, and I’m pretty sure she was riding with me on the way back from the airport.

I miss you baby girl …