Not long after Mina died last November, I asked my dear, and very crafty friends, Missy and Heather, to make her official scrapbook. I didn’t have any real idea what I wanted and I trusted my friends to do a great job. After a few brief consultations, I sent along a bunch of photos and other artifacts and got to see a preview of the scrapbook during my brief visit to them in January.

Today, it arrived and it’s simply beautiful. When I first opened it I was talking to Mina and telling her about it and then I started to cry. So many happy memories flooding my brain at once proved too much for me. I kept talking to Mina and reminding her of this adventure or that day as I flipped through the pages.

It’s designed so that I can journal in the pages and I will do that this weekend, or get a good start on it. Mina’s collars proved to unwieldy to include in the book, so I’ve hung them on the corners of her photo frames here in my study, in the living room and bedroom. Mina was very particular about her collar – she didn’t like having it removed for any reason. That makes me smile.

Grief is a long and lonely road, but having her things around me and this gorgeous scrapbook are helping me remember all the wonderful years that Mina and I spent together. I can’t thank my friends enough for this treasure.

frong cover scrapbook

Front cover of Mina's scrapbook

first page scrapbook

Straight from Heaven, 1st page of Mina's scrapbook

sweet girls scrapbook

My Sweet Girls, Erin and Mina

beautiful mina scrapbook

Beautiful Mina

our favorite road trips scrapbook

Our Favorite Road Trips