While looking through my lone file cabinet yesterday I found a CD with some markings on it. I’m sure it’s my writing but it looks more like cuneiform. I popped it into my laptop and found lots of photos of various things, and there in the last folder were pictures of Mina that I hadn’t found in my earlier searches. They’ve been added to the appropriate slide shows, which you can access above under the “Mina Multimedia” tab, but here they are for your enjoyment. She sure was the spit-and-image of a Wheaten when she was a baby.

Mina is absolutely the cutest puppy ever in the entire existence of Planet Earth. I’m certain she’s very popular these days in heaven.

1996, Mina in her box at my friend Mike's house, about 2-2.5 mos. old

1996, Mina and Gina (Mike's mom) about 2-2.5 mos. old

1996, Mina on the prowl, about 2-2.5 mos. old

2004-05, my happy girl with her summer shave

I miss you, baby … every minute of the day I miss you …