A couple of days after Mina died (November 9, 2009) I started pulling out old photos of her from various places around our apartment. Many of those are available on my Flickr page in various sets, which you can also access through the “Mina Multimedia” page on this blog.

I sent a lot of the photos and some of Mina’s old collar tags and her collars to my friends in Atlanta, Missy and Heather. They are very crafty women and offered to make Mina’s Official Scrapbook. Well, the project is completed and on its way here! I can hardly wait to see it – again.

You see, when I was briefly in Atlanta on New Year’s Day I got a sneak peek at what was finished to that point. It’s beautiful. I mean, really beautiful. I’ll post pictures when I get it here. Missy incorporated journaling pages into the book so I can write Mina’s stories to go with the photos and other “artifacts.” I have some other things here that need to go into the book, too, as you can see:

Some photos and flyers and other things for Mina's scrapbook

Another idea I’ve been ruminating on is an annual fund raiser in Mina’s honor on her birthday, October 10. It may be in conjunction with the winery or it may be something I do the old-fashioned way, by hitting all y’all up for your hard-earned dollars. I think the beneficiary will change, too, or maybe not. I haven’t really worked out the details. At all. If you want to help out, let me know and we’ll get together this summer to iron out details.

I wish Mina were here with me today, because it’s a nicer day than we’ve had in months. She’d enjoy walking outside in the sunshine and 50-degree temps and visiting all her friends. I’d sure enjoy taking her for that walk. Our walks were the most important activity in Mina’s daily life and I miss taking them with her. I miss her more than I can say and more than some will understand. I still cry every night after ending yet another day without my girl.