Hey girlie girl,

It’s snowing – again! By now you’d have a very furry coat and be ready for romping in the snow outside. I’d grumble and bundle up and put on my boots and take you outside to get your fix. We’d walk around and stop into the leasing office to see our friends.

So, yesterday an old friend of yours dropped in for a visit. You remember Asia when she worked in the leasing office? She was in town to see her parents and stopped into the leasing office while I was there. I had to tell her you were gone, and that was hard. Asia said it was weird to see me without you. I sure don’t feel right without you by my side; never went into the leasing office without you.

I was there after work and helped out with laminating some fliers for snow instructions for residents, then went to happy hour with our friends, including your Auntie Lolo. It was fun but when I got home hours later it was the same feeling that I have whenever I don’t rush right home – guilt. Yet, I think you’d approve of me going out and about, right? I just have to get used to the idea of living outside our life together. It’s really hard.

But today I miss you because of the snow. Winter was your time and you loved nothing more than pushing through the snow with your pretty black nose. No matter how old you were, a good snowfall turned you into a puppy – at least for a little while.

Mina in the snow, Denver, 1999

She was such a little baby in December, 1999 (Denver)

I’ll think about you a lot this weekend if the snow is as deep as predicted and I’m trapped here. I hope to be able to help out with shoveling and stuff and I have some work to get done.

I miss you, my pretty pretty girl. It’s very lonely where I am. I hope with all my heart you’re so happy and so healthy that you don’t notice my tears.

Mina's snow face, 2006