Yesterday’s event at Barrel Oak Winery to honor my beloved Mina and raise funds for Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary was pretty cool.

The weather worked against us with icy conditions early in the morning and rain and fog the rest of the day. But, most of the people who came to the winery and bought wine were there because of Mina and the Sanctuary and I’m very grateful for all the support. There were people from where I live at Masons Keepe, colleagues and friends from where I work, one of Mina’s vets, our friends from Chow Now Pet Food, a friend from Houston who flew in for the weekend, Sanctuary volunteers, and many friends of friends whom we’ve never met.

Mina at BOW, August 2009

Mina’s Auntie Sue and I baked yummy vegan cookies and Uncle Robin brought the awesome, huge tip jar. I brought the 5×7 photo frame collage of Mina at the sanctuary (with photos by Deb) and Mina at BOW early in September. I included a photo of Mina at two months because most people who know Mina have never seen her puppy pictures. Deb also brought brochures from the sanctuary, we had flyers on the wine bar and all the tables and we were ready for 2 p.m.

The big surprise came when I learned from one of the staff that Brian (he and his lovely wife Sharon own BOW) decided to donate 10 percent of sales from all wines sold to the sanctuary. I am grateful for the generosity of Brian, Sharon and BOW in helping to remember Mina in a way that helps other non-human animals. They’re really building a community of caring people at BOW and that’s a great idea.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, lots of cookies disappeared, a few tears were shed, and we made $338 for the sanctuary! Terry is going to give me a current number on donations to the Web site but it looks like Mina has raised about $800, so far, to help her fellow non-human animals at Poplar Spring!

LET’S DO MORE. Please, if you haven’t already donated, visit Poplar Spring’s Web site and click on the “Donate Now” button and make a donation in Mina’s honor. Mina gave me love and joy and security and peace and I want to work to help other non-human animals who weren’t as fortunate as Mina.

Friends have said that Mina was lucky to have me in her life. Truth be told, I am the lucky one because Mina loved me perfectly and unconditionally and that’s a love that will stay with me forever.

Thanks again to everyone who helped get this little event together, to everyone who’s donated to the sanctuary, to everyone who came to BOW yesterday, and to everyone who couldn’t be there in person but joined us in spirit. I am so grateful for all of you.

Mina baby, you are so loved and you will never be forgotten