My friend Christine (@ChristineAnnC) wrote a poem for Mina on Monday. As Christine was finishing the poem, she learned that her grandfather passed away. That evening, she and her husband held her beloved Finnegan, a feline, as he died at 18 years old. Yesterday we talked on the phone, unable to comfort each other, only commiserate.

This morning I learned that my friend Karen made a donation to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in honor of Mina’s life. I can’t think of a better way to honor Mina than to help the animals at Poplar Spring whom she met this past summer. You can read about her adventures on this blog, and on Deb’s blog, Invisible Voices.

Please, if you feel compelled to remember Mina in a tangible way, visit Poplar Spring’s Web site and click the Donate Now button on the left. Let Terry and Dave know in your comments that it’s for Mina. You will have my deep gratitude and Mina will be happy knowing that you loved her well enough to help other non-human animals.

Here’s Christine’s touching poem:

When a Heart Breaks of Love

When a heart breaks of love
Life seems faded beyond salvage
With no word or no thought that can heal open wounds
Time stops like a breath
Trapped in confusion and need that is great

When a heart breaks of love,
Where love grew so wantonly
The ground seems scorched, depleted of life
And Laughter in loss is tragically misplaced
While Sorrow takes hold like barbed wire

But, when a heart breaks of love,
Grace will take root
In spaces thought empty
Because the soul has been blessed
to have known such a life

When a heart breaks of love,
Know your life has been full,
your happiness great
And Mercy will surge,
like a wave through your being

Though your heart seems broken
Slowly Grief will lift from the world
And your heart will soar
As Mina’s spirit lightens the void,
in the brightness that is her.