It’s so nice to have vets, and their staff, who truly care about their patients and their patients’ humans. What a change from our experience at VIMP!

Mina didn’t have an appointment yesterday, but since Dr. Nolan hadn’t seen her in a while, and she was between patients, she took a few minutes to check Mina’s lymph nodes. When I told her that Mina is coughing and hacking at night and breathing very loudly, Dr. Nolan told me that Mina’s mandibular and medastinal lymph nodes are so enlarged that they’re blocking her air passage.

Dr. N. suggested a low dose of prednisone to try and shrink those nodes. So, in addition to the Metoclopramide (anti-nausea) and Metronidazole (anti-diarrhea and anti-bacterial), Mina’s taking 5 mg. of Prednisone twice a day.

Mina on the way home from the vet, looking perturbed

Mina on the way home from the vet, looking perturbed

Already last night she was drinking more water than usual and she ate about four baked, boneless dead chicken thighs. She seemed overly warm last night but I didn’t wake up as often as I had the night before from her coughing. Maybe she didn’t cough/gag as much or maybe I slept too well?

This morning she didn’t seem up to much of a walk, but she did eat some chickens and all over her meds, supplements, and homeopathic remedies.

Thanks to everyone who’s written comments and written to me personally about their experiences with euthanasia. I’ve had to euthanize two pets, as an adult, and I knew that Sammie was ready because she was suffering so, but I was never quite as confident about Wolfie. She had a brain tumor and it was making her constantly hungry and we believe she was hallucinating. Still, that last morning before our appointment at her vet’s office, it seemed she was a little perkier than the day before. I didn’t find the experience at all peaceful as my niece, then 3 and a half years old, was hysterical the entire time. I am determined to do better for Mina when her time comes.

In the meantime, we’re spending as much time together as possible, and I’m giving up my Sanctuary volunteer work to be home with her all weekend. I will resume that work at a later date.