I took Mina to see Dr. Cliver today for a couple of reasons: I wanted Dr. C. to check out the lump in the loose skin under Mina’s chin, to check the left popliteal lymph node, and to determine if we need another lime-sulfur dip this week.

Oops, that’s more than a couple of reasons.

The results of the exam:

  • All of Mina’s peripheral lymph nodes are now enlarged.
  • The left popliteal lymph node is quite huge, the biggest of all of them.
  • The lump in the loose skin under her chin is mostly fatty tissue that’s common in older dogs, but you can reach up just slightly and feel that her mandibular nodes are enlarged.
  • Mina’s scratching has pretty much ended, so no lime-sulfur dip this week; it’s also too cold and rainy outside for her to dry off properly. I’m going to bathe her in the Malaseb shampoo this weekend to help her skin recover from the sarcoptic mites.
  • We’ll continue with the homeopathic protocol prescribed by Dr. Loops, and I’ll inform him of the changes in her condition, as he might want to change the protocol.

The only other option is one of the rescue drugs and, as I explained earlier, I’m not going to put Mina through that again. Dr. C. said that Mina looks happy, and she does and she’s still eating and she’s still having a pretty good time. I know that can’t last long, but for now it’s enough.