While I was giving Mina her second lime sulfur dip – you’re envious of my Friday nights, aren’t you? – Dr. Cliver called with the report on the lymph node aspirate she performed on Mina just yesterday.

Only one slide had lymphocytes, there were some protein substances and some degenerative lymphocytes and the lab called it “uninterpretable-re-aspiration is advised.” Dr. C. thinks the nodes were too small to get anything out of and we’ll have to wait a while. She’s not ready to do it again yet because Mina doesn’t have a big enough node to aspirate.

I’m not ready to do it again yet, either. Mina is happy now, she’s eating well, she has decent energy for an 80-year-old with a bum leg, and she doesn’t seem to be holding today’s sulfur dip agin me. These are all good things.

Still, I’m setting up an appointment with Dr. Charles Loops. I got an e-mail back from them today but didn’t have time to call until after their office had closed. I left a v-mail to make sure they know I’m interested and I’ll call again on Monday.

As Heather says, “That’s all I know.”