So, I’ve chosen Thursday as the day I check Mina’s lymph nodes. Yesterday before we went to bed I gave it shot. I felt lumps everywhere. She’s so damn thin that all I can feel are bones and other lumpy things. I have no idea, at present, how to find a lymph node.

Of course that inspired a sense of panic in me. HOW CAN I TELL IF THE CANCER COMES BACK IF I CAN’T EXAMINE MINA’S LYMPH NODES? I could almost feel the herpes zoster (shingles) tingling on my chest (stress and anxiety do great things for one’s body, lemme tell ya).

Fact is, Mina’s lymph nodes were the last symptom we noticed before her diagnosis in April. Since late February/early March she’d been losing some weight, not eating well, and had daily diarrhea, remember? I have no idea if it will work that way when the cancer returns. However, Mina will have an exam and a CBC every month at her regular vet’s office and when we go there on the 24th I’ll get a more detailed lesson in how to palpate lymph nodes.

Mina trying to nap as I stick my iPhone in her face

Mina trying to nap as I stick my iPhone in her face

In the meantime, Miss Bean is eating well and has a good attitude and a good energy level for an 80 year old girl. This morning she had some ground cows, chicken embryos, oats, garlic powder, and dried parsley (baked together) with mashed organic sweet potatoes. She gobbled it all up! I think this weekend we’ll have an outing, somewhere. She loves taking drives.