Mina is, as usual, feeling poorly during Adriamycin/doxorubicin week. She’s barely eating a little chicken when I hand feed her, but she did eat an entire jar of organic baby food this morning.

There was a small puking incident before the mobile groomer lady came, but it was just yellow foamy stuff. She still took all of her peanut-butter coated pills and supplements and drank some water.

Kristen had her all groomed and back home in less than an hour. Mina’s hair color is definitely darker than it used to be, more like an Airedale than a Wheatie. She’s very thin, too.

No more "poodle legs"

We’re going out for a bit, not sure where we’ll end up. Maybe the winery, mabye just a drive. Mina will feel better by Monday and then we can work on fattening her up.