Mina as we drove through Halway, VA in 2006

Mina as we drove through Halway, VA in 2006

Mina loves to go for car rides. She especially loves it when I can drive under 40 miles per hour so she can stick her head out my window. Sure, she could use the passenger side window and not deal with my seatbelt, but she always chooses to put her head as close to mine as possible and sniff the air of its possibilities.

Yesterday, we drove over to Marshall to the IGA for some chicken Chow Now and local dead animals. They had some local ground cows, so I got those, but were out of local dead chickens. Mina likes driving through Marshall and The Plains where the speed limits are 25 MPH.

Next, we stopped at the Bloom for antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken. I need more today, though, because she’s eaten almost everything I cooked last night (only about eight pieces). Mina enjoyed the trip out and back, and spent her Saturday mostly resting on the tile entry way. We took a couple of walks but they were short because Mina does not love humidity the way I do. I’m sure she’ll enjoy Monday through Thursday, though, as we plunge into winter temperatures before summer returns. I wonder if, someday, I’ll move back home to Florida? I miss the weather more every year.

Today, I’m off to the Sanctuary for morning chores. I plan to leave as soon as chores are done so I can stop at Whole Paycheck and not leave Mina for too many hours. I’ve asked my neighbor to check on her but no response so far. I think she’ll be fine, but it’s the first time I’ve left her in a long time for more than four hours by herself.

Chemo on Tuesday. Last one.