It’s definitely the chemo causing the GI problems. Last week on the Leukeran was awful for Mina, but this week she’s a whole new dog! Yesterday, she took a good walk and had that nice BM I told you about, she ate her breakfast and both of her mid-day snacks, and she ate twice more in the evening. She even tolerated my attempt to add bone meal to her chicken by mixing in a little veggie broth. Learned my lesson – the bone meal goes in the baby food until she’s back on Chow Now where I can hide the bone meal better.

We had a lively walk in the pouring rain yesterday when I came home. That storm blew in fast and left fast, but not before we had quarter-sized raindrops falling on us – all at once! We took another walk in the evening and ran into Cooper and his mom and some other neighbors. One of the guys tried to get Mina’s attention for some petting but she only had eyes for Cooper. Mina surely does love her own species. She lets Cooper drool all over her, too.

We had some play time indoors and Mina got another new supplement, fish oil capsules. It’s only for the short-term to help with her skin irritations. I’ll switch her back to flax oil when the capsules are gone. I can compromise on feeding her some farm animals, but I can’t take part in the destruction of marine wildlife when there are good plant-based alternatives available.

Mina’s urinary incontinence seems to have gotten a lot better, too. I find tiny spots on occasion, but not many of them. This is a very good thing as her two mid-day walks come to an end after chemo. Auntie Lolo promised to help us out during the chemo months, but it’s a strain on her staff to come and walk Mina and feed her every day. I’m hoping they’ll be able to come and check on her from time to time, though.

This morning Miss Bean ate her breakfast of boiled chicken with Forti-Flora mixed in, took all her peanut butter-coated meds and treats, and had a nice, normal bowel movement. I hope we can keep this going into next week, but we’ll see. That Adriamycin/doxorubicin is a real bitch.