I’m hoping it’s the Leukeran wreaking all this havoc because it’s been a hard few days for the Bean.

She was hungry this morning, I could tell, but she had to fast before her blood draw. We got to the clinic early and the appointment before ours didn’t show, so Mina got her blood draw a few minutes early.

Dr. Nolan took the blood from Mina’s jugular, just to keep her leg veins good for the next two chemo treatments. Mina was calm and ate some liver treats after and even got nose-to-nose with one of the clinic’s cats, Macaroni. We left with a Tramadol refill and a promise of blood profile results on Monday. Dr. Nolan also sent in the prescription for the Orthoplast brace-thingy but we still don’t know exactly what to do with it.

The ride home was uneventful on a totally cloudy, delightfully humid, warm day. Mina wanted to go for a walk when we got home and almost immediately I noticed the “I’m gonna puke” signs. She barfed up some of the rice from yesterday, the liver treats, and all of the biscuits she’d eaten at the clinic. That could be the Leukeran or it could be too many treats on a practically empty stomach. I also wonder if knowing there was still some food in her stomach if her blood tests results will be screwed up?

Anyway, she went right back to her old self as soon as she saw Cooper, a great big chocolate lab puppy, coming down the sidewalk with his mom. Mina knew Cooper when he was a wee lad, but he’s learned manners since then so she seems to like him more now. I usually let her off her leash so she can maneuver around him, as he’s faster and bigger. She seems to have a good time teasing Cooper.

When we got inside, Mina went to her bowl and asked for breakfast. I heated up some chicken and rice and put the Forti-Flora in her food and she ate all of it. So, I gave her some baby food along with the Meto, ginger, and slippery elm. I’ll give her the rest of her pills and supplements in a few hours. I want to see how this food sits on her stomach first.



She’s resting now, and I’m going to do lots of cleaning.