I think yesterday was the first time no one commented on one of Mina’s blog posts – at least in quite a while. And it had live action budgies, too! We are stunned.

However, it didn’t seem to bother the Bean very much as she ate her breakfast and both snacks today and is currently eyeballing her dinner. I have to boil and dismember the chickens tonight, so she’ll probably eat several thighs later this evening.

Mina’s had some loose-to-runny stool the last day or so, but not enough to alert the troops. Never underestimate my ability to screw up Mina’s gastrointestinal tract, as I’ve screwed up mine since Sunday afternoon. No matter how I try to hide my anxiety, she always knows. She’s far more intuitive than any mere human. If it happens again tomorrow I may consider giving her half of an Immodium.

Also, it’s about time for another visit from the mobile groomer. Sure, Mina’s lost some hair in key places, but she’s grown enough that she’s uncomfortable outside on the warmer days, and spends her afternoons napping on the tile floor in the bathroom. I just hope it grows back before winter sets in.