This appointment was more like a rest week appointment than a chemo one. Well, except for the confusing drive down to Lake Ridge to pick up the 15 little 2 mg. pills of Leukeran …

Here are the details from the discharge papers:

  • Physical exam: bright, alert, stable weight, tiny popliteal lymph nodes, no other nodes palpable.
  • CBC: normal WBC count (8,400), normal HCT (41.2 percent-not anemic), normal platelets-adequate for chemotherapy
  • Prescription for Zofran, anti-emetic, dispensed

And that’s it. Really. Her HCT is up 2.2 percent from last week, and that’s very good. Dr. B. is again very pleased with Mina’s progress.

We’ve scheduled an appointment with Dr. Cliver for this coming Saturday for another blood profile. We had the annual profile drawn in March? April? but Dr. B. wants another one to check all her levels, especially her kidney levels. This gives me a chance to catch up Dr. Cliver on everything, too, even though she gets the reports, she likes to see Mina and ask questions and make sure we’re doing OK.

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I present VIMP Budgies: The Motion Picture (or just another shitty cell phone cam video):