I’m home today with Miss Mina Bean because I injured myself yesterday at my volunteer job and because I need to use vacation time so I don’t lose it come next month’s rollover cut off date.

She’s doing fine, quiet and resting. She ate a half jar of baby food this morning with the Forti-Flora, had all of her peanut butter-coated pills and supplements, and some liver treats from Auntie Lolo. She hasn’t eaten breakfast yet but I’m not worried. Yesterday she ate more after 5 p.m. and it was a satisfactory amount.

While visiting Auntie Lolo early this morning in the leasing office, Mina got a new toy – a small stuffed elephant with beans in its feet. I’ll have to monitor her play with this one because she’s been trying to get to the beans. On our way home, she carried the toy in her mouth and started trotting when she saw two dogs up ahead. She cracks me up.