Miss Mina Bean is in typical summer mode today – she isn’t eating much and spending all her time resting on the tile entry way. Can’t say as I blame her, ’cause it’s hotter ‘n Georgia asphalt outside! I like a hot day around 88F with near matching humidity, but today it’s about 93F and dry – like the desert.

Generally, she seems to be feeling OK, just not into doing much. I spent the morning and early afternoon working at the Sanctuary, so I’m not into doing much, either. Tomorrow, the peak period for the Vincristine will pass and she should return to her normal appetite – just in time for her Leukeran, which makes her nauseous.

That said, for these next three weeks I am not sweating any weight loss. Mina doesn’t lose that much from week to week, and sometimes she gains, and we’re almost at the end of the chemotherapy protocol. I want us both to get through it without any DRAMAH so we can move on to the next phase, whatever that may be.