I got home yesterday and Mina trotted out from the bathroom to greet me and started barking to go outside. We took a spritely walk to the leasing office for treats and butt rubs, then home for some dinner. She didn’t eat everything her aunties gave her yesterday, but she gobbled up her lunch and all her peanut butter-coated pills and ate some more later in the evening.

I made sure to spend time with her on the floor for belly rubs so there’d be no sniffle/snuffle stuff. At one point she grabbed her squeaky man toy and we played keep-away for a bit. We took a couple more walks so Mina could trot and bark at everyone.

This morning she enjoyed her Forti-Flora in organic baby food and ate her entire breakfast. I’ve removed all the sheets/towels/blankets from the living room floor because Mina’s urinary incontinence is much improved. She still has the occasional leak, but I find them easily and clean them up quickly. I’m tired of looking like a hobo camp around here. I’m still keeping the couch covered, though.

We’re good.