Mina is a clever canine. She’s also a very manipulative individual. Years ago she learned to make this sniffling/snuffling noise with her nose that makes me come running to see what’s wrong. The first time she tried it I made such a fuss that it’s become her standard “I’m over here all alone and you’re busy and ignoring me” attention-getting tactic.

It never fails.

Last night I was busy in the kitchen making her baked ground cows (beef, eggs, cooked and smashed carrots, garlic powder, parsley) and boiled dead chickens. This whole process requires about three hours, or my entire evening. About mid-way through dismembering the dead chickens I heard the ol’ sniffling sound. I knew she wouldn’t stop unless I paid her some attention, so I dutifully got on the floor beside her and made the appropriate fuss. Then I went back to the kitchen.

Not five minutes later I hear the sniffling again, only this time it’s more pronounced – more of a “snuffle.” Again, I stopped what I was doing and got on the floor with Mina and made a big fuss over her. When I stood up to go back to the kitchen, she gave me the side eye.

Not long after I announced it was time for some fresh-from-the-pot chicken and beef samples and Mina gobbled up the equivalent of three chicken thighs and a big scoop of the dead cows. She ate everything put in front of her yesterday, and this morning she polished off her breakfast and a half jar of organic baby food with the Forti-Flora mixed in. Cross your fingers that the rest of her chemo treatments go this well!