Yesterday, Mina slept all day long. It seems that trips to VIMP, even when she just has a blood draw and an examination, wear her out. We did take a walk to the leasing office to see her friends and get treats, but the remainder of our walks were very short. She ate about three meals and I didn’t have to prompt her to eat, but she just wasn’t that interested in moving around or doing anything at all.

So, I gave her another dose of Mirtazipine before going to bed, and covered her food and put it in the fridge. This morning she came to the bedroom when the alarm went off and got some belly rubs before going outside. I was expecting the usual short walk, but we went further than we have for a while in the early morning. Then I took her bowl out of the fridge, warmed it in the microwave, and put it in her stand, expecting her to ignore it. HA! the Mirtazipine worked because she gobbled up her breakfast and was eager for her peanut butter-coated meds and supplements. I hope it’s not just the drug increasing her appetite but that she’s over the cancer-vet-visit blues and ready to eat up a storm this week. I don’t expect her to regain that pound she lost, but some sort of gain would make us all very happy.

Y’ever notice when they’re sleeping how much they seem like the puppies they once were?