Mina was pretty lethargic yesterday, which I blame on all the excitement from Saturday, our late night, and the overwhelming gloom of Sunday. She didn’t eat very much, as I expected, just a few jars of baby food and maybe a handful of beef and chicken. Normal bowel movements, no vomiting, just not feeling like herself, I guess.

This morning she was pretty sleepy so we walked only as far as she needed for a poop. When we came home, I offered her some beef and chickens and she ate a little from my hand and one jar of baby food. I’m finding that Mina is very sluggish now in the mornings and doesn’t really seem interested in food until later in the day. So, I left a note for her sitters to give her baby food if there’s still breakfast in her bowl. She cannot survive on damned baby food, it has the nutritional value of air, so I’m hoping she improves today. I did give her the Mirtazipine before bed and she went to sleep pretty quickly afterward.

Tomorrow is her rest week exam and CBC and I fully expect a weight loss. Not a huge one, but she may have dropped a half a pound this week. If all goes well during rest week she’ll gain it back.