I took Mina with me today to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, where I am – now – an occasional volunteer. She enjoyed the drive out, especially after we got onto River Road with all its trees and shady spots.

When we got out of the car, the first person we saw was Lola, the three-legged black/brown sheep. Lola stared at us, and Mina took a couple of steps back so that she was behind me.

Then we walked over to the fence where Dave was putting fly spray on all the cows. Mina stopped dead in her tracks as the cows all started to come to the fence to see her.

Poplar Spring cows coming to see Mina

Poplar Spring cows coming to see Mina

Here’s a crappy cell phone cam vid of Mina barking at the cows:

Next, we ventured over to the pig barn where Mina met Lisa, one of my fellow volunteers, and Wilbur, a young pig who’s recovering from a sudden neurological illness. He seemed interested in Mina and both were very calm around each other but there was no close contact. Mina is immune-suppressed so I tried to make sure she could see the other animals, but not get too close to them.

That is, until we wondered out into the field where the horses and mules were hanging around. Hal, our mule boy, was trying to get to Mina because, as Terry told us, mules like to kick smaller things/creatures. Amy kept Hal at bay while I took Mina back to the safer side of the fence. Normally, Hal’s a really nice mule and I’ve never had a problem with him but Mina is a curiosity to all the animals at the Sanctuary.

Almost all of the geese we encountered took off when they saw Mina coming because dogs are natural predators of geese. I didn’t know that until Dave told me. The only geese who didn’t mind Mina are the new kids who were hand-raised with the intention of being released into the wild, but they’re not suited for it because they like people! They ate out of our hands last weekend during the farm tour day. Today, they didn’t budge when Mina walked by.

We had peach cobbler that I made and some Purely Decadent soy ice cream after chores were done. Mina got lots of attention and Deb took quite a few pictures of her. I’ll post a link if Deb puts any in her blog.

When we got home, Miss Mina ate THREE jars of baby food and some chicken. I intend to give her another dose of the Mirtazipine tomorrow evening to keep her appetite up a little.

Here’s one last vid of Mina and some of the cows.

Mina’s cancer doc called while we were out there and said I’m doing everything they would recommend for her. They don’t seem as worried about her lack of appetite as I am, which doesn’t surprise me. Dr. B. said not to worry if she loses a little weight this week because everything else looks so good.