I wish Mina were sailing through this doxorubicin week like she sailed through the last one. But it’s always different with chemotherapy and I’m doing my best to roll with it.

Mina clearly wasn’t interested in eating much yesterday after breakfast. Auntie Sherrie fed her a jar of baby food, Uncle Robb said she was perky during her walk but there was still food in her dish from earlier in the day. When I got home after stopping at Whole Paycheck for more carcass and veggies, I tried to hand feed her but she wasn’t interested.

The weird thing is that she was very perky on our walks and very interested in meeting canines and humans. She met a little sort of chihuahua mix, named Puppy, on our way home from an afternoon walk and was genuinely engaged. I didn’t notice any drooling, but later in the evening I started to notice that she was changing her positions a lot. I just needed that one indication that she might be nauseated to whip out one of the two remaining Zofran tablets and dip it in peanut butter for her. About an hour later, while I was still dismembering chicken corpses, she came out the to kitchen asking for some fresh food.

I had toyed with the idea of adding some pureed organic squash to her beef mix, but nixed that idea because it’s also possible that the chemo drugs are messing with her taste perceptions again. So figured we’d better keep it simple for a while longer. I mixed two local farm eggs, some dried parsley, and garlic powder into the ground cows and baked it. She seemed to really like it.

This morning we took a short walk, just long enough for Mina to find a place to poop, then I put some shredded chickens into her dish. Not interested. I sat down beside her on the tile entryway and, at first, she turned her head away when I offered it to her. But after a few more tries she was eating it out of my hand, then she got up and moved to another spot in the living room. I sat next to her and kept feeding her until she’d eaten almost everything in the bowl. I doubt she’ll eat again until I come home this evening.

Tomorrow, I’m taking her out to the Sanctuary with me to meet up with everyone after they finish the chores. I’ll take along a treat, too, but I really want them to meet Mina because they are so kindly asking after her every week. It’ll be a stimulating outing for Mina on a day when the doxorubicin will peak in her body, so I’m hoping she’ll be able to enjoy herself without noticing any nausea or other bad feelings. I have one more Zofran that I’m saving for tomorrow if she needs it. I’m sure I can get another prescription for the last quarter of chemo that starts on August 11.