That’s me. Mina had a little pukey-puke last evening. It was her dinner and her supplements and Tramadol. I slapped on the latex and started sifting through the puke and found this black stuff in the middle. Turns out it was her Mushroom Defense pill starting to dissolve – it looked quite fungal. I picked up the Tramadol because it was in good enough shape for a return visit, cleaned up the puke and gave Mina the Tramadol and Meto. Later on I gave her some slippery elm and ginger.

I could hear her tummy gurgling from a few feet away. I did see something in a ball of grass in her puke, so that may be what made her sick. It could also be the excitement of the weekend and some anxiety related to it because the gurgling sounded like her IBS days.

At any rate, she’s fine today! Eating like a great, big dog and walking all perky and everyone reports that she’s in a good mood. Her Auntie Lolo noticed the spot on her behind where her hair is now missing. When does the hair loss end? Does anyone know?

Tomorrow is Adriamycin/doxorubicin again and she’ll stay all day at VIMP. I’ll be here working and cooking chicken and waiting for the call to pick up my baby.