Mina and I had a guest with us this weekend, my 16-year-old niece, Erin. She lives about an hour away – in good traffic – and Mina and I drove to pick her up on Friday afternoon.

I parked in front of Erin’s townhouse and let Mina out for a little bit. She went crazy! I’ll bet it’s been six years since Mina’s been in that neighborhood and she seemed to recognize it. She kept climbing the stairs to the front door, wanting to go inside. She also seemed pretty excited when Erin got in the car. It’s been four years since Mina saw Erin, who’s changed considerably but not to Mina, I guess.

All weekend long, Mina put on some aggressive begging around Erin. I told Erin that Mina must remember what an easy mark she was as a toddler for food snacks. While driving Erin home today, Mina attempted to take a bite of Erin’s peanut butter cookie – in a moving car!

We had a good time and Mina was in great spirits. I stopped giving her the Metoclopramide yesterday because she just doesn’t need it on the reduced dose of Vincristine. She’s eating very well, feeling pretty perky, and Erin commented that she looks good and seems very well for a cancer patient.

I’m hoping at some point to get a more balanced diet for Mina, but I think that’ll have to wait until after the the chemotherapy. We have the day-stay for Adriamycin/doxorubicin on Tuesday, then a rest week, then four more treatments and we’re done. I’m hoping at some point in the next five weeks that Dr. B. will announce that Mina’s in remission.