We leave shortly for Warrenton to visit Mina’s regular vets to get her toenails clipped. She doesn’t need a full grooming yet and, frankly, I’m worried that bathing her will cause lots of her hair to fall out, but her toenails are more like talons these days!

She ate right up until 9 last night. I was dismembering the chicken corpses in the kitchen and Mina came out three times to get samples. Then we had to go outside while it was raining pretty hard so she could rush out and pee. A little later, when the rain stopped, we went for a walk and ran into her friend, Turk, who lives downstairs. Turk is Mina’s age, a chocolate lab, and he gets so excited when he sees Mina. Sometimes he gets a little too excited for Miss Mina’s taste and she barks at him pretty sharply. I think of that as her “Get off ma lawn, ya durn kids!” bark.

This morning she wanted to be hand fed so I fed her some of the beef and rice. She ate a little on her own and then laid down by the door. I just hand fed her some chickens and put some in her bowl and she ate it, but for some reason she’s not eating as much as usual. But, that could be the weather. Mina’s summer eating habits are different from her winter eating habits so it’s possible she’ll eat more later in the day when it gets cooler.