I’m cookin’ chicken in the mornin’! Mina absolutely loves the smell!

Yesterday, Mina ate like she hadn’t eaten in a week. I made the beef and rice stuff last night, but left out the eggs this time because she’s not so crazy about them. I can add them in to the next batch. The recipe states that a quarter-pound of ground cows will feed a 40-pound dog for a day. Well, I doubled the recipe and she’ll have it finished by lunch time!

No signs ::knockwood:: of the UTI. I would like her to drink more water but Mina is so good at regulating her intake when she’s home alone or overnight. The urinary incontinence has improved but that could be the decreased water intake. She’ll have some chicken broth after this morning, so that might help. She never seemed to really like the beef broth.

Oh, and I got her to take some of the kidney health tinctures! I hope we can work on the syringe method because tiny jars of organic baby food are spendy. I put the Rena Cleanse and Blood Cleansing Tonic drops into about half a jar of Earth’s Best baby food and she ate it right up. Then, I put a teaspoon of the Dog Greens into the other half, expecting her to get up and walk away, but she ate it! She’s supposed to get two teaspoons, but I think we’ll have to work our way up to that amount.

Today is Vincristine IV day, at the reduced dose. I’m not expecting a weight gain this week, but I’ll be happy if she maintains her weight from last week. Our appointment isn’t until 1 p.m., so I’ll report on it later.

I have to figure out how to change my dreaming cycle. For weeks now I’ve had these awful dreams about losing a pet in some violent manner. Last night it was a little dog whose name I can’t now remember but it wasn’t “Mina,” who was kidnapped from me and killed. I understand this is my anxiety having a field day while I’m sleeping, and I guess it’s better than my hair falling out, but … PICK ONE! Sheesh.