Literally. That’s how Mina eats these days, from my hand. She won’t eat from Auntie Sherrie’s hand, just from mine.

Mina started feeling better yesterday and managed to eat quite a bit during the course of the day. She took three good walks outside, and vigorously defended her territory at the living room window. I saw no signs of the UTI re-asserting itself ::knockwood:: but have alerted Sherrie to keep an eye out for me for any suspicious squatting.

I’m changing my routine now to shower before I go to bed, because feeding Mina by hand takes several minutes that I can’t spare for myself. I still get out the door around the same time, though, but I’m in ponytail mode for the duration. I’ve lost almost as much hair as Mina has during the first 13 weeks of her chemotherapy.

The chemo she had last Tuesday, Leukeran/chlorambucil, lists hair loss as a side effect. I don’t think it’s the only chemo drug responsible, but it’s the only one I’ve seen that mentions hair loss specifically. She still looks pretty cute if pretty bald in spots.

Tonight we’ll be making more beef-and-rice recipe for her and tomorrow will be chickens day. She ate both this morning with a great deal of interest, and I left two freeze-dried liver snacks in her dish to discover after I left. Here’s hoping we continue on a positive trend.