Seems we’ve hit a wall this week with eating and I suspect it’s the chemotherapy, not the food. I made the beef-and-rice recipe from Five Leaf last night for Mina and she gobbled it up. But I put it on top of two meals from earlier in the day that she refused to eat. This morning there’s nothing I can do to convince her to eat a bowl of rice, boiled eggs, boiled chicken, boiled ground beef, and the beef-and-rice dish. She took a good walk earlier this morning – very perky – but I think she’s got some nausea. So, I’m leaving in a bit to get the Zofran prescription filled. We’ll see if that helps.

You know what this blog is really good for? A record of Mina’s reactions that I can review. I just went back to the last time she had the Leukeran/chlorambucil and found that she got sick four days after she took it. That’s where we are today, but she’s had the Zofran and I hope she won’t puke.

We napped together for about three hours! Then we took a short walk so Mina could poop, came home and she drank some water and ate a few bites of her food. She’s resting again on the tile by the door. I hope she’ll eat later on and that we have a better day tomorrow.