We just tried the first dose of the kidney health supplements.

Mina is not speaking to me.

I bought a new syringe, followed the instructions for the herbal tinctures, put a little applesauce in the syringe, and shot some into the side of her mouth.

She spit it out, ran from me and hid in my little office alcove – UNDER THE DESK.

Boldly, I shot the rest into her mouth. She sputtered and shook her head and flicked her tongue.

I gave her the rest of her supplements and drugs in peanut butter and tried to apologize. I got hard stare in return.

Next up is the Dog Greens, a combination of herbs that includes wheat grass, moss, spirulina, etc. She gets half a teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight, twice a day, the literature recommends putting it in her food.


Girlfriend don’t like nuthin’ in her bowl that ain’t carcass or rice. I tried mixing it in beef broth, she sniffed it and gave me a dirty look.

So, I give up – for now. I called VIMP and spoke to Ashley and left a message for Dr. B. I won’t try the herbal treatment until after Mina’s chemo is complete. Her taste perceptions are so odd right now because of the chemo drugs that it’s possible the herbs won’t taste as bad when she’s off chemo. Perhaps then I can bury the greens (they are really green) in some tasty food.

I so wanted this to work, but I can’t scare her off of eating when we’re doing so well. If this stuff tasted like peanut butter it’d be a breeze.