Poor Mina. She’s always down the day after a trip to VIMP and chemo. She’s eaten everything I’ve given her, and taken all her peanut butter-wrapped pills and supplements but it’s taken some work.

And the work is on my part … Mina has decided in the last couple of days that I should feed her by hand – chicken, rice, beef, whatever’s in her bowl. After a couple of minutes she eats the rest herself but today, oh yeah, today she didn’t eat a damn thing that her Aunties left for her. She did eat all the chicken but not until I started to feed it to her by hand, as she lay on the floor, of course.

So, she’s feeling a bit puny but I’m not panicking. I boiled some expensive, grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free ground beef for her this evening. Gave her some of the broth and she drank it all down.

Also, the kit from Five Leaf arrived today and I cannot find my syringe! I’ll have to start the program tomorrow night after I buy a new one, damn it. I’m supposed to give her the tinctures four times a day, but I can’t figure out how I’ll do that with my work schedule. We’ll see.

So, that’s it. We’re OK.