No pithy titles today, because we just had a lovely report from Dr. B. after Mina’s check up! Here are the highlights:

  • Mina gained .4 pounds last week for a total of 1.5 for the last two weeks! We made it through the week with no vomiting, diarrhea, or nausea.
  • Left prescapular and both popliteal lymph nodes are very tiny, much less than 1/2 cm. Allyson said that Dr. B. is not worried about them.
  • No palpable splenomegaly.
  • Normal white blood cell count (9,200) and her anemia is much improved at 39 percent – low normal, and normal platelets!
  • Recent UTIs: Urine culture grew an E. coli organism sensitive to Baytril. So, she’s on the right meds for it.
The two original VIMP budgies, the new kids were on the floor of the cage

The two original VIMP budgies, the new kids were on the floor of the cage

Dr. B. wants to run a DPP to check kidney values and electrolytes 14 days from starting the kidney cleanse treatment. The herbs in this supplement have diuretic properties so we need to make sure Mina tolerates it well. I wrote to Five Leaf today and learned that FedEx shows “no movement” on the package, so they’ve shipped another one to me and it’ll be here tomorrow. I just have to make sure she doesn’t start drinking and peeing a lot. If she does, I have to stop the treatment.

Overall, according to Allyson, Dr. B. is extremely pleased with Mina’s progress and how well she handled the reduced Vincristine dose. I’m going to keep feeding her some chicken, ground beef, rice, maybe throw in a surprise, unannounced veggie, and olive oil (until I can afford a bottle of organic flax oil), to keep her eating and gaining weight.

We drove down to Lake Ridge after Mina’s appointment to pick up her Leukeran tablets, and it took about an hour round trip, so she’s resting now. I buried the tiny pills in peanut butter, four at at time, and had to wear gloves while I handled them.

Mina after this morning's walk

Mina after this morning's walk

Earlier today, during our second walk of the morning, we ran into Mina’s friend, Chloe, the very enthusiastic Bichon Frise. Chloe got on her hind legs and batted her paws at Mina’s nose, and Mina tolerated it for a bit and then started to snarl and growl a little. Chloe’s mom didn’t mind at all and said that Chloe needs a playmate. I said, “Mina is playing! That’s what it looks like when you’re nearly 13, have arthritis and cancer!” Mina’s play looks a lot like Al Gore doing the Macarena.