Mina hates Mondays. Lately, she hates it when I’m not home, period. She used to be resigned, I guess, to spending her morning waiting for Auntie Leanne or Auntie Sherrie to come take her for a walk, but now I don’t see resignation in her eyes as I leave – I see sadness.

This morning I gave her some chicken, brown rice, and broccoli for breakfast and ended up hand feeding some of the chicken to her. She smelled the broccoli and she turned and walked away but once she figured out she could avoid it by eating only the chicken off the top, then she was fine. She wanted more, so I gave her more chicken, which she was eating as I left this morning.

People, Mina does not like vegetables. I dunno if it’s the chemo or if it’s Mina, but every vegetable I give her gets rejected after just a couple of meals. The broccoli gave her a rumbly tummy, so my new plan is to feed Mina high-quality food that she’ll actually eat. If that’s boiled chicken and boiled beef with rice thrown in or quinoa (if she’ll eat it), then so be it. The plan here is to keep her healthy enough to survive the damn chemotherapy and I’m going to do whatever I must to achieve that goal. Dr. Lucy suggested some olive oil for good fats so if she’ll accept that, we’ll go with it.

Today, I’m going to get her some Tums for calcium carbonate, which should taste lovely coated in peanut butter. Even if it’s a chewable, Mina wants it coated in something yummy and right now that yummy is peanut butter.

We’ll know more tomorrow after her exam, weight check, CBC, and whatever else is planned. We have to drive to Woodbridge to get the Leukeran pills and Mina likes to take drives.